Have you seen a Betta Show but can not recognize it? In this article we explain how to classify them… by fins.
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We don’t know for sure when interest for this anabantid was born.
The first written sources date from the first half of the 19th century, however, there are indications suggesting that breeding already started several generations before.
All we know for sure is that, despite all this time, the interest for this specie is not extinguished yet.
Centuries of selection and hybridisation have made radical changes in the aspect of this specie, so much to make us almost forget the original shape now turnished by the countless variety of selected Betta.

In this articles we will analyze in a specific and synthetic way the main variety of selected Betta in the attempt to clarify the vastness of abbreviations and names commonly used.
We very much hope that this article will help you choose your Betta without being influenced by the opinion of breeders or shopkeepers often interested only in quick returns.