Conclusions and credits

Before concluding, we would like to focus on the impact of these selections, in some cases overwrought.
As mentioned in the introduction and deepened in the paragraph about Traditional Plakat, Betta originally presented short fins.
Long fins selections have been performed just by following some aesthetic standards, ignoring the wealth of the fishes.
If we had the opportunity to compare how a long-finned Betta swims and who a short-finned Betta swims, we will immediatly notice how the former appears disadvantaged.
These huge fins do not provide any benefit to the fish ; actually they make him heavier and slower, that would be fatal in his natural habitat.
In some extreme cases these exagerated fins also result in problems over the course of copulation, during the embrace.
All this could be a source of stress for the fish.
Between the most problematic selections we  undoubtedly find the Rosetail and Feathertail ones, in which the webbing, excessively folded down on itself, exposes the specimens to the risk of bacterial infections.
We therefore invite you to keep in mind also this aspect of the selection while you’re looking for your new Betta.

We would like to thank all forum users who have contributed to the writing of this article: nicolatc, for the great artwork; Steinoff, for the help in drafting the introduction and the conclusion of the article; and gem1978 for the encouragement and the interest in this topic.

The Anabantidi section of Acquariofilia Facile forum is waiting for you to talk about your Show Betta or any other information about them.

Last but not least, all the breeders who have contributed with all the photos of their wonderful specimens.

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