The first interview of Diana Walstad with an Italian aquarium forum. Do not you believe it? Please make yourselves comfortable…Vai all'articolo in Italiano

After granting us the permission to translate in Italian some parts of her book «Ecology of the planted aquarium», Diana Walstad did us another gift: her first interview with an Italian forum and we are particularly proud of this.

We divided the interview in different chapter but you can read all of them clicking on «Tutte le pagine» (all pages).

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Diana Walstad
Diana Walstad

Welcome on our forum!

First of all, I would like to tell you something about us and our inspiring principles: our community was born with the idea of helping hobbyist ​​understand what really happens inside an aquarium, rather than following slavishly the instructions of some products.

We have to thank our founding father SaxMax and Rox for that, who taught us that the aquarium is much more than a hobby and, among many other things, introduced us to you and your publications.

A curiosity: nowadays, making a research in our forum of your name, gives out 1805 results… not a few for a young forum as we are.

Before starting with the interview, I have to thank you for accepting to answer these «unusual» questions – and my friend Roby70 who contacted you in first place and made this all possible.

And now …let’s begin!

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